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Company Makes Granola Bars from Waste Beer Grains

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Company Makes Granola Bars from Waste Beer Grains

There’s lots of interesting ethnology currently being developed to put waste food products to better use. There are also laws being formed around Europe forcing large supermarkets to reduce food waste – it’s the topic of the moment.

With this idea at the heart of their business, San Francisco's Regrained are looking to cash in on the waste within the beer brewing industry by reusing grains that have been through the brewing process to create granola bars.

As reported by Business Insider: “The company goes to breweries and collects the wet grains. The team then dehydrates them, adds flax and quinoa, and gets them to stick together by mixing in honey and syrups made from tapioca and brown rice.”

The company told Business Insider that it takes around a pound of grains to produce enough beer for a a six-pack of beer, a brewery uses about a pound of grains and that roughly 36 billion pounds of grains get wasted each year in brewing alone – that’s a lot of granola bars.

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