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3 Smart Apps for Tackling Food Waste

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3 Smart Apps for Tackling Food Waste
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As we are all hopefully aware, reducing food waste is a massive challenge worldwide, with roughly one third of all food produced being thrown in the trash. It’s estimated that in the US alone, a staggering 20 lbs. (9kg) of food is thrown away per person, per month, while countries including France and Italy have recently introduced legislation for reducing food waste. However, the problem of how to reduce food waste is a complex one, requiring the reprogramming of some deep–rooted behaviours on the part of individuals and businesses.

So, if we're honest, what’s likely the most effective way to get us all to act on this now? Make it easy for people and offer a financial incentive. With that in mind, here are three great free smartphone apps that will help with reducing food waste, whilst also saving you money. Currently all Europe–based, these are three apps that you may see going global (we hope) in the coming months.


3 Smart Apps for Tackling Food Waste

Too Good to Go

Too Good to Go allows you to buy leftover restaurant food at exceptionally cheap prices. Head to the restaurant in question and fill a box with a portion of leftover goodies (there are no menus) for as little as £2 ($2.50). The app is currently only available in Denmark and the UK, but in the future, who knows? This is too good and idea not to go global. Read more.



Lunchie is similar in concept to Too Good to Go, but is purely lunch–focused, and, offers you a choice of meals. Confined to Finland currently, Lunchie, like Too Good to Go, has global ambitions to tackle a global problem. Read more.



UK–based Olio connects neighbours and small businesses within communities, allowing users to collect food that would otherwise be going to waste, whether past its sell by date in stores, home grown vegetables, or the food items that would otherwise lay forgotten at the back of the fridge whilst you go away, often for free. You can advertise non–food items too, creating a true sharing community. Read more.

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