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Bring out your Inner Vampire with Raspberry Blood Chocolate

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Bring out your Inner Vampire with Raspberry Blood Chocolate
Photo Raspberry Blood Chocolate

If you’re on the hunt for novel treats this Halloween why not go the whole hog with chocolates containing pig’s blood?

Recently launched by eccentric Austrian Chocolatier Josef Zotter, Zotter Raspberry Blood chocolate' is just that, a chocolate bar containing two per cent of real pig’s blood.

Affectionately known by Zotter as ‘The chocolate thriller’, the bar contains a raspberry chocolate ganache with a few drops of real pigs blood combined with a cornel cherry jelly and coated with dark, high quality chocolate.

Chocolate is made from bar to bean in Zotter's own chocolate factory:

The blood comes from pigs reared at the company’s Edible Zoo destined for the table in Zotter's own on site acclaimed 'eco restaurant'. The 66-acre adventure farm is all part of Zotter's greater plan to encourage visitors to "look your food in the eye." 

“I have created this chocolate shocker because I know that only a few drops of blood are cause for huge uproar, while factory farming is quietly accepted. Is our value judgement a bit off?” Zotter challenges.

For any squeamish chocolate lovers out there, don't worry, apparently you can’t actually taste the blood. And go easy on the guilt trip, this is chocolate with ethical credentials being certified both organic and Fairtrade.

See some more about the making of blood chocolate here (without any gory bits).

Photo: Bars of Raspberry Blood Chocolate

If you're tempted you can pick up a 70g bar of Raspberry Blood Chocolate online from Zotter's website for €3.50. While you're there have a look at some more of Zotter's unusual hand scooped chocolate flavours including basmati rice and cheese, walnut and grapes. 

If you're a chocoholic in hunt of some more artisanal chocolate check out this interview with the Mast Brothers, some passionate artisanal Brooklyn based chocolatiers:

via Fine Dining Lovers

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