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Rare Titanic Menus Sell For $160,000

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Rare Titanic Menus Sell For $160,000
Photo Huffington Post

Dining on the legendary Titanic was something many could only dream of. Now, two very fortunate people are the proud owners of two menus from the legendary vessel.

Of course, that honor did not come cheap as the menus were auctioned for a record-breaking sum of $160, 000. Not a bad price to pay for owning a piece of history.

One was a first-class lunch menu from the first meal on the ship, which included roast beef and lobster. It sold for $102,000. 

The other menu, which featured delicacies like  foie-gras stuffed eggs and turtle soup, was from a VIP 12-couse luncheon held at the Grand Central Hotel in Belfast before the ship's departure. It sold for $58,000.

Via Huffington Post

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