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Rainbow Cutlery Will Brighten Any Table

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Rainbow Cutlery Will Brighten Any Table

If contemporary luxury also comes from the right choice of design at the table, rainbow cutlery could be the next must have.

Cook and tableware brand Mepra applies the iredescent effect to its Linea Rainbow Cutlery range using three different processes, on each of its fork, knife, and spoon models, with the metal underging a molecular inclusion process based on titanium, which makes them dishwasher-safe; moreover, these multicolour pieces do not corrode, oxidise and or stain.

There are three finishes: Rainbow Gloss, Rainbow Pewter, and brushed Rainbow Ice. 

'Space' Cutlery

The surface coating is made using an advanced technology called PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), which has been used to coat the outer panels of spacecraft with the aim of increasing their resistance.

The application of this technique in the field of cutlery originates from the hotel industry's demand for cutlery with high-strength, gold-coloored super-finishing. 

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