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Food Secrets in a QR Code

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Food Secrets in a QR Code

The QR, or Quick Response, is a code that many producers are now adding onto the packaging of their food and beverages, in order to provide the consumer with added information about their product.

Already very popular in countries like Japan and South Korea, QR codes are rapidly becoming more and more common in the Western world. Using it is simple: all consumers have to do is install a software into their smartphones and then point the lens of their cameras onto the code of a specific item and the telephone’s browser will immediately direct you to a special page full of any extra information or content that the producer wants to communicate to their customers.

The best software for this service? For iPhone users there’s Scan, for Android there’s QuickMark QR Code Reader, and they’re both free. QR codes are also used to help trace a certain product: customers can immediately understand where it’s been produced and sold.

Another useful app for the iPhone is FoodScanner, which reads not only QR codes but also normal bar codes, giving consumers the nutritional information and calorie content of any product.

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