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Craving Pizza? This App Delivers It With A Push of a Button

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Craving Pizza? This App Delivers It With A Push of a Button

Ever wish you could just order pizza with the push of a button? It seems like such a simple idea you'd think someone would have invented it by now. Well, behold the Push for Pizza app, which does just what its name implies.

Developed by a handful of teenagers from Brooklyn, the Push for Pizza app allows users to order cheese or pepperoni pizza on their iPhone with the push of a button. Thanks to GPS technology, a nearby pizza parlor receives the order and delivers the goods with tax and tip included. 

Another great feature is that users have to plug in their personal info and payment options just once and they're all set for any future orders. Users may also select their preferred pizza place, the pizza with the cheapest price or let the app select one randomly. 

Tech Crunch reports the developers are keen on expanding their concept to other foods like tacos and cookies but are testing the market with America's favorite food: pizza.

Here's a tongue-in-cheek promotional video of the Push for Pizza app:

Via TechCrunch

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