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Coming Soon: Kevin Gillespie's 'Pure Pork Awesomeness'

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Coming Soon: Kevin Gillespie's 'Pure Pork Awesomeness'
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In his second cookbook Atlanta chef Kevin Gillespie, of Top Chef fame, takes readers on a pork-filled adventure that exalts the flavor of his favorite animal protein.

A collaboration between the chef and cookbook writer David Joachim, Pure Pork Awesomeness: Totally Cookable Recipes from Around the World is divided into eight chapters. It features 100 original recipes featuring every cut of pork - from the shoulder and tenderloin to the pork belly and ham.

Aside from giving readers a taste of his special recipes, the chef highlights the difference among heritage breeds of pigs and offers tips on how to select the most delicious pork products. 

"Like Bubba Gump and his shrimp, I have a million ways to cook pork because I love it so much. If I had only one animal to eat forevermore, I would eat pigs. You could have a pork chop one day, pulled pork another, and cured bacon the next day, and they’d all taste completely different. You can't do that with chicken. Chicken tastes like chicken no matter what part of the animal you eat. And I love beef and lamb, but they don't have the amazing versatility of pork. Pork can be the star of the show or a background flavor. But no matter where it shows up, pork is always welcome on my table," Gillespie writes in the cookbook's introduction. 

Pure Pork Awesomeness: Totally Cookable Recipes from Around the World will debut March 31st. Pre-order a copy on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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