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Fancy a Virtual Dining Experience?

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Fancy a Virtual Dining Experience?

We first picked up on the unusual 'gastronomical virtual reality dining experience', Project Nourishedin its infancy last year. Fast forward some 18 months and the experimentation phase is sufficiently advanced for the team to offer up the first starter pack 'Pepa' for purchase.

Taking their cues from advances in technology used in gaming and 'virtual reality', combined with a fascination with the sensory experience of fine dining, the US-based team are developing a virtual dining experience based on augmented reality and sensory perception.

Those hungry for a taste of the surreal will be able to take their first bite of this futuristic eating experience by pre-ordering a 'virtual reality' eating set that includes a 'virtual reality headset', a smell module with a scented disc and a 360 degree VR downloadable video.

Wearing the virtual reality headset crafted from paper, along with a scented disc lodged inside, the diner will theoretically be transported into an augmented reality via the 360 degree video playing on a smart phone.

If you're game, a starter kit (Pepa), available for $59.84, with an extra pack of 'scent' discs for $20 that range from the 'Smell of Fear' to 'Charlie's Choco Factory', can be ordered directly from Project Nourished.

At a later date the team expect to deliver on a 'bone conduction transducer' that will mimic the sound of you eating direct to your eardrums via an individual's soft tissue and bones.

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