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Project B - A Beehive for Restaurants

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Project B - A Beehive for Restaurants

We’ve spoken a lot in the past about the issues facing bee populations around the world as colonies are rapidly declining.

Bees are a pivotal part of our eco system and without their work in pollinating plants many of our supermarket shelves would be left empty.

One of the best methods to help dwindling bee populations bounce back is an increase in urban beekeeping as more and more locations specifically designed to house bees pop up on city rooftops and restaurants gardens.

With this in mind Porject B have created this simple beehive which is aimed at restaurant owners who want to start producing their own honey on site.

The company behind the design hope to make a stronger connection between the bees, the chefs and the customers who eventually eat the honey on their plates.

The product hasn’t been released commercially yet so there’s no info on the costs. Watch the video below to find out more.

Projet B - Apiculture urbaine et restauration from Marc-André Roberge on Vimeo.

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