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'Cinder': The New Precision Grill that Promises Perfect Steaks

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'Cinder': The New Precision Grill that Promises Perfect Steaks

Sous-vide cooking for the home has taken off in a big way this year, and it shows no signs of slowing up just yet. We've just come across another bit of kit coming to market later this year, to take on the likes of the Roca brothers Rocook, guaranteeing precision cooking at home, at almost half the price.

Called the 'Cinder', (hoping its namesake doesn't reflect its cooking capability), this is the new self-contained grilling device that promises the same precision cooking that sous vide delivers, in a simple countertop 'smart' controlled appliance. 

Mr Norman, of the USA company, said they ‘drew upon rocket science used in spacecraft to create a wholly down-to-Earth cooking experience.’ 

Fortunately it shouldn't take a rocket scientist to cook with it. Most of the intuitive 'guess' work of the grill is controlled via the Cinder app connected up to a smart phone or tablet. Software controlled algorithms then manage your cook temperature and duration with absolute accuracy.

The Cinder guarantees precise temperature control from two cooking plates hooked up to highly sensitive temperature sensors and software algorithm.  The food is placed between the plates where it cooks in a controlled and enclosed environment. You can even programme your preferred cook and adjust your steak preferences for next time.

‘Prepare a perfect, medium-rare New York Strip steak, cooked evenly edge-to-edge and with a beautiful seared exterior, in 28 minutes' The Daily Mail reports.

The results: Cinder's cooked steak on the right:

Over at SeriousEats they got down with some serious testing to see how the new grill stacks up against sous-vide when it comes to usage and delivery on steak cooking.

Listen to what the Cinder team have to say:

Cinder is available for pre-order now for  $189 USD saving you 25% on its final expected retail price of $249 USD.


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