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Danish Brewers Develop Instant Craft Beer

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Danish Brewers Develop Instant Craft Beer

Craft brewers are constantly on the look out for innovative ways to brew new flavours and keep discerning craft beer drinkers happy. Innovation and experimentation are, after all, at the heart of the scene. Copenhagen-based “nomad” brewery To Ø have taken it a step further, developing an instant powdered beer that means you can enjoy your favourite artisan tippple on the go.

By freeze–drying beer, To ØL (Tobias Emil Jensen and Tore Gynthe, pictured) say they are able to separate the dry components (sugar and proteins) from the alcohol and water. Then this dehydrated beer just needs to be re-combined with sparkling water and alcohol to create a beer they say is akin to one that’s been brewed in the conventional manner, though darker in colour due to caramelisation. This process couldn’t be achieved in the same way, as you would expect, by boiling the beer, as this affects flavour. Read more about the exact science of the process here and watch the pair assemble a beer in the Munchies video below.

The Danish brewers have been experimenting with four different styles of powdered beer – a deep coffee–flavoured beer, two IPAs and a pilsner – though they are still preparing the products for market. They could have some intriguing uses: an alternative to the hip flask on a long booze-stroked ramble through the countryside perhaps, or, as the duo suggest, you could create your own craft beer on a plane using a mini spirit bottle and some sparkling water!

The possibilities are endless.

All images: To ØL

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