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Food Photography: 5 Culinary Uses For Potholes

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Food Photography: 5 Culinary Uses For Potholes

If driving through potholes is simply making you insane, we feel your pain. Those evil craters are enough to kill your tires and rims but, alas, there's always a ray of light - even when it comes to potholes. Just check out the work of photographers Davide Luciano and Claudia Ficca who have reimagined potholes as a canvas for food.

The pair took to city strees in New York, Los Angeles, Montreal and Toronto to turn those nasty potholes into spaghetti bowls, champagne buckets, doughnut fryers and even a grape stomping vat for wine, Indulgd reports.

Their amusing food photography will make you forget - at least for a minute - the aggravation of driving through potholes. Fingers crossed they get fixed soon...

Images via Indulgd

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