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The Portable Espresso Machine That Requires Zero Electricity

By FDL on

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The Portable Espresso Machine That Requires Zero Electricity

Love to get into the wide blue yonder, but hate to be away from your creature comforts? Especially the thought of being away from your high pressure, 30 second, micro-filtering, oxygenating, coffee making "WAKE UP" machine?

If the answer to those questions was a line of caffeine infused jittery yeses, don't worry, there's help at hand in a 'zero electric' dinky coffee machine of dreams.

Called the Nomad Go Everywhere  this is the portable coffee making machine that promises proper creamy espresso coffee on the go, however remote you are, as it requires no electricity to function.

Ok, so the machine does need to be filled with hot water, which might be challenging if your boy scout skills aren't up to much. But from that point onwards,  the brewing process is managed by good old fashioned person power, where the levers are pumped with alternate thumbs to build up the pressure required to produce the perfect espresso.

The project was initially launched with a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter back in 2013, and received such popular attention it now retails at $245 direct from this website.

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