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Brew Your Coffee While You're On the Go with Mojoe

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Brew Your Coffee While You're On the Go with Mojoe

Fresh coffee on the go is an ever growing market, and now we have yet another solution to tempt us into going it alone by brewing on the go.

If you're a coffee drinking multi-tasker, the portable Mojoe could be the practical solution to doing two jobs at once in the morning- brewing your coffee while you commute to work earning an extra ten minutes duvet time.

Bought to life by the crowdfunding site, Kickstarter, the Mojoe has received a lot of attention for its travel mug-sized potential as a portable coffee maker that brews fresh coffee and tea via vac drip technology. It works on a rechargeabale battery that can be plugged into a car or wall allowing you to drink fresh coffee direct from the brewing device/mug once it's ready, wherever you are.

Here's how the mojoe works:

Pour water into the water compartment and coffee grounds into the filter, then turn the mojoe on by using the battery pack or plugging it into a power source, with your coffee brew time estimated at 6-10 minutes.

Sat at your desk, on the commute to work, or out and about the idea being you won't need to sweat it tracking down that coffee shop for that desperate coffee. Just plug in and brew. That is of course relying on the fact you have access to fresh ground coffee, water and a battery charge!

The mojoe is on sale on the website for an introductory offer of $89.99 USD.

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