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Cool Bowl Opens When Your Popcorn is Ready

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Cool Bowl Opens When Your Popcorn is Ready

Making your own popcorn at home is simple and so much fun, just listing to that pop as corns explode is a nostalgia inducing act, cleaning a hundred corns that popped all over your microwave not so much.

Step in PopTop - a new invention that allows you to cook and eat your popcorn in a simple bowl that spills nothing.

All people have to do is place the kernels in to the bottom of the bowl, add some butter, close the lid and place it in the microwave.

The clever part comes with the PopTops clever origami lid design which unfolds itself when the popcorn is ready.

They can be quickly washed and come with clever heat resistant handles on the side so you can get to your popcorn while it’s still hot. They cost $19.99 and are available on Amazon.

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