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Planet Lollipops That Are Out of This World

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Planet Lollipops That Are Out of This World
Photo Marvellous Confections

When one is contemplating the very nature of existence and the enormity of the universe, it can help to be slurping on a lollipop, even more so one that neatly resembles a planet from our solar system – it aids concentration.

These planet lollipops from UK-based Marvellous Confections are available in sets of eight priced at £15, but be warned, you may find yourself cackling with megalomaniacal glee as you play God and reduce each planet to a mere speck of existence.

Available in watermelon, black cherry, banana, chocolate, cola, cream soda, candyfloss and bubblegum flavours, each lollipop has a shelf life of up to six months, so time this right and I think we have your Xmas 2016 stocking fillers all tied up.

We’ve featured planet lollipops before of course, namely these from Vintage Confections, but sadly, they’re no longer available.

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