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Turn Your Grill into a Pizza Oven with an Ingenious Bit of Kit

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Turn Your Grill into a Pizza Oven with an Ingenious Bit of Kit

Always struggled to re-create that perfect crispy bottomed pizza at home?

Without investing in a purpose built wood fired oven for those occasional pizza nights it's certainly a challenge to re-create those wood fired flavours without the right kit.

That was the driving force behind the self confessed 'pizza geek' pair of inventors who have devised a simple new piece of equipment for pizza lovers called the Innovo, a new pizza grill stand.

Frustrated by their disappointing home efforts they invented the stone topped pizza grill stand that fits inside a standard backyard BBQ allowing you to cook pizza at optimum temperatures, and achieve better results.

This is what it looks like: 


What it offers up to pizza lovers or the occassional pizza maker is the chance to mimic the effects of a stone pizza oven, with the plates reaching temperatures of up to 800 degrees Farhenheit, cooking your pizza on the stone in just 3-5 minutes.

The pizza grill stand is still in developmental stage, but when it hits the market it's expected to retail for around $150, making it a significantly cheaper option than a purpose built pizza oven.

Check out their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, and see how the grill stand works in practice in the video below:


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