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Kick Up Your Picnics With A Napkin Table

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Kick Up Your Picnics With A Napkin Table
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Let's face it. We've all been to dinner with someone who pays more attention to their phone than their present company. Isn't it a shame that dining isn't the intimate affair it used to be? The napkin table aims to change this modern problem.

As the name implies, this revolutionary design features a napkin and table in one. You simply carry the portable napkin table to your chosen destination and wrap the 'napkin' portion around your neck. A lever located under the table ensures it stays flat and firm enough to handle drinks and plates of food.

The napkin table comes with adjustable button straps, two cup holders and inserts for silverware. Here's a fun description from inventor Hung Lu Chan:

"With more and more people are addicted to the mobile technology, it happens more frequently that people have meals with absence of mind. This phenomenon inspired us to consider what an ideal dining is, and figure out if there is a new dining experience that can draw attention back to the dining table."

While the napkin table is still in development, there's no doubt it would be a great addition to picnics (and perhaps a bit more practical than, say, picnic pants). Watch how it works: 

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