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Is This The Green Fridge of the Future?

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Is This The Green Fridge of the Future?

Walk into your kitchen and stand next to your refrigerator. What do you hear? That disruptive humming sound may be a thing of the past thanks to new technology from Phononic, a company that's making quieter and more sustainable refrigerators.

Conventional refrigerators run on heavy compressors with moving parts such as fans and pipes which are noisy and eventually need to be replaced. Even more alarming is the fact that these kitchen appliances rely on toxic refrigerant. Phononic has gotten around this problem by replacing the compressor with a compact heat pump. No moving parts means silent, highly efficient and greener refrigerators that don't require toxic chemicals.

Phononic applied this sustainable technology to medical-grade coolers and a small consumer refrigerator with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. This means you may soon be able to keep a refrigerator right next to your bed and not even hear it.

Via Inhabitat

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