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The Periodic Spice Table

By FDL on

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The Periodic Spice Table

If you're one of those people who periodically organizes the kitchen from fridge to appliances then you're going to love this magnetic periodic spice holder.

As far as spice containers go this one has you covered right from Cv (cloves) to Ss (sesames seeds).

The project was posted on the website Instructables a community based site where people swap and exchange ideas on DIY projects.  

The project was originally created as a one-off with detailed instructions offered to those who wanted to make their own but after receiving so much demand, edits on the blog show the maker is now trying to start a Kickstarter project to monetize their rather unique method of organizing spices.

We'll keep our eye on the project as it develops but we're still holding out hope to have our very own FDL flavor bank like the one seen in this video with the Arzaks.

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