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Hate Burnt Popcorn? Get The Perfect Pop With This App

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Hate Burnt Popcorn? Get The Perfect Pop With This App
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It happens even to the best of us. We anxiously anticipate movie night, throw some popcorn in the microwave, press the 'popcorn' button and walk away. Minutes later, you're left with a pile of burnt kernels. Don't you just hate that?

Arm yourself with the Perfect Pop app and you'll never have to deal with the awful smell of burnt popcorn ever again. Developed by Deutsch agency in Los Angeles, the app works by listening to popcorn as it cooks in the microwave and lets you know when its ready.

To use, just turn on the app and place your mobile device next to the microwave. As it cooks, the app will analyze the sound of popping kernels and compare the data to the sound collected from other microwave models and hundreds of popcorn bags.

Perfect Pop is available on Pop Secret Labs and the Apple App Store. Here's a video tutorial - along with a poppin' rap - on how the app works:

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