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The Poultry Lifter - Never Drop a Turkey Again

By FDL on

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The Poultry Lifter - Never Drop a Turkey Again

Ever dropped a turkey getting it out of the pan? If so you’ll know all about those few slow motion seconds just before your bird, along with all hopes of any type of happy family time, crash and burst all over the kitchen floor.

With Thanksgiving just round the corner, the probability of this soul crushing scenario returning to your household is high, not to mention the possible waste of wonderful juicy Turkeys.

To prevent this from happening ever again OXO have developed the Good Grips Poultry Lifter - ok, it doesn’t have a catchy name like ‘pLift’ or ‘Turkey Torquer’ but it does promise an end to the aforementioned disaster.

OXO promise it will allow people to ‘transfer poultry from pan to dish with one easy motion while keeping the bird intact’ - how? It’s basically a simple hook with two prongs on the end and a handle, this allows people to place the hook inside the bird and quickly lift it without damaging the outside.

It cost $9.99 and seems like a great way of ensuring your bird makes it from pan to plate in perfect condition.

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