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Movable Induction Heaters: Great for Restaurants and Homes

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Movable Induction Heaters: Great for Restaurants and Homes

A new minimalism is taking over the kitchens of some of the best chefs in the world.

The crowded, unhealthy kitchens of the past are starting with visionary chefs who are focused on creating spaces where creativity and wellness thrive.

Just as the modern kitchen brigade system , the rigid hierarchy of the kitchen defined by Escoffier is beginning to be questioned and reinvented, so too is the physical architecture of restaurant kitchens. Professional kitchens are becoming more minimalistic, cleaner spaces.

Famously Grant Achatz's Alinea in Chicago stripped everything in their kitchen redesign Allowing chefs to simply grab moveable burner induction, magnetic based hotplate That transfers energy directly to the food inside the pot and generates no ambient heat. It makes for a cleaner environment, even if it does require chefs to rethink their craft somewhat.

The trend is filtering down to home kitchen design too. Movable induction burners have been around for a long time, but we still tend to think about making a fixed gas or electric hob central piece of any kitchen layout.

Turin-based product design studio Adriano Design has developed this cooking concept for kitchen appliance manufacturer Fabita that allows us to use our home design kitchens in much the same way.

Called 'Order', which means 'tidy' in Italian, it's a double induction burner, ringed in copper that is easily fixed to a wall. If you need to cook, you just take one down and start. They are designed to be beautiful wall-mounted feature of the kitchen and free up counter space.

The Italians are well-known for their forward thinking and design, people in smaller and smaller dwellings, especially in cities, 'Order' represents a new and functional way to save on space.

But what happens if the pot boils over?

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