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Kitchen Robot: The New OneCook Can Prepare Your Dinner For You

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Kitchen Robot: The New OneCook Can Prepare Your Dinner For You

Too tired to slave over a hot stove when you get in, but too resolute to succumb to microwave meals?

Have a look at this fully automated multi-cooker using robotic technology, the 'OneCook' device, designed to take away those worries. Whilst it might not look like much, this is the new home cooking device that promises to have your dinner ready and waiting for you when you arrive home, saving you a staggering 200-300 hours waiting on food and cooking per year.

Take a look:

How does it work?

Whilst the exterior of the robot gives nothing away, looking something like a cross between a pressure cooker and a bread maker, inside is where the culinary magic happens.  

Capable of preparing a single dish from a selected recipe on a mobile application all the hungry user has to do is dump the recipe ingredients into the separate holders inside leaving the robot to do the rest. A hot finished meal being the end result. 

Unveiled at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics fair earlier this year the device caused quite a stir. Mashable ran a recipe trial and were impressed enough with their hot and spicy Kung Pao dish as to consider forking out on a model.

Where can I get one?

Currently seeking funds on the crowdfunding site, kickstarter, OneCook is still in its prototype phase. If the project comes to fruition OneCook is expected to retail at about $400USD.

So that just leaves us with one eternal question, who's doing washing up?


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