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The Olive Oil Roll On

By FDL on

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The Olive Oil Roll On

Adding oil to bread can be a little tricky, watch any Italian person and they do it with ease, slowly dispersing the oil in equal measure throughout the bread. However, trying to replicate this movement is not as easy as it looks and, as if often the case, finding yourself with a piece of bread with one heavy oiled section and the rest dry is a common problem. Even getting the whole movement wrong and sloshing oil everywhere can easily happen.

It's because of this that a team of designers from Oasis have created the Oil-on, a simple gadget that allows people to easily smear oil on bread without the worry of getting it everywhere.

Oil is placed inside the container and the wooden ball that sits on the top glides across bread slowly and evenly dispersing oil as you move your hand - a similar concept to that seen in roll-on deodorants.

It's a simple idea and simple design but and if one of those things where you find yourself wondering, why has no one done this before?


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    Is there a link to buy or at least follow the designer or product page anywhere?

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