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The Beer Glass That Keeps You Offline

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The Beer Glass That Keeps You Offline
Photo Screenshot via Vimeo

Are you annoyed by friends who meet you at the bar only to stay glued to their smartphone all night? Tired of coming second-best to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram? Say hello to the Offline Glass, a special beer glass that only stands when positioned over an iPhone.

Since it only has half a bottom, the Offline Glass must be supported by an iPhone or the beer will spill. It's the ingenious invention of Brazilian art director Mauricio Perussi and will take to back to the good old days when you could interact with friends face to face while throwing back some beers.

The unique beer glass is being used in the Salve Jorge Bar in Sao Paolo and was created by the Fischer & Friends agency in Brazil, Tech Crunch reports. At the moment the glasses aren't really for sale but you can bet some clever techie is already plotting how to get them 3D printed for their next soiree.

Watch how the Offline Glass works: 

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