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Chopsticks Made From Recycled Ocean Plastic

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Chopsticks Made From Recycled Ocean Plastic
Photo Umi Hashi

We’re all aware by now of the huge problem of ocean plastic and the effects of plastic pollution on marine life. Many clever, environmentally–conscious people out there are designing products to help tackle the problem – like this Florida craft brewery that has designed an edible six–pack ring.

Amsterdam–based art director and sushi fan Yavez Anthonio has gone one step further and is recycling ocean plastic into cool–looking chopsticks called Umi Hashi (Ocean Chopsticks). What started as a graduation project has now evolved into a Kickstarter campaign to turn his prototype into a proper product. Watch Anthonio explain his motives in the video below.

Additionally, only restaurants that serve sustainable fish will be able to use the chopsticks, meaning you can be doubly sure when using them that you’re eating ethical sushi. Problem solved? No, not quite. Just a drop in the ocean, but it’s a start.

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