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Chef Nobu Matsuhisa Launches New Porcelain Tableware

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Chef Nobu Matsuhisa Launches New Porcelain Tableware

Japanese master chef Nobu Matsuhisa has teamed up with up with Arita Plus, a cooperative of young Japanese potters, to create an eye-catching new dinnerware service called the Arita X Nobu collection.

The nine piece service includes a red sushi plate, a design plate for signature dishes and an edamame plate as well as other bespoke design pieces. 

Matsuhisa worked with the next generation of potters in the Saka region of Japan, famed for its porcelain, to help celebrate 400 years of the ceramic tradition hand in hand with Nobu’s interpretation of 'wa', - Japanese for harmony.

The unique collaboration took almost a year to complete with meticulous work from both experts, “The final design didn’t come the beginning I thought of a different idea, but finally we agreed on the graduated red circular motif, it symbolises the sun but also the Japanese flag.” Matsuhisa told The Telegraph.

A Selection of the Arita X Nobu Collection

Sushi Roll Holder - $26

Hand rolled sushi is displayed individually suggesting a bouquet of flowers.

Earthen Hot Pot - $87

Made from heat resistant clay and can be used for cooking over direct heat

Four piece sample plate large - $104, Small plate - $11

Created by Nobu's desire to present diners with an array of flavous on a single plate - these stylistic plates can be used individually or together.

For more, see the online collection where the tableware is available to purchase, as well as in Nobu's 39 restaurants. 

See the video for more about the unique project in the heart of Japan's ceramic tradition.

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