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5 New Kitchen Gadgets of 2018 Actually Worth Owning

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5 New Kitchen Gadgets of 2018 Actually Worth Owning

All those kitchen gadgets – but which ones are actually worth the counter top space and money? Like our Alexa-enabled homes, kitchen gadgets are increasingly becoming smarter and more connected, promising to change the way we cook. Following our recent list of five great kitchen products for professional chefs, we decided to round up some of the latest and best kitchen gadgets for the home chef. 

From a smart oven that lets you cook the perfect steak whilst you are out, to self-feeding, almost self-growing indoor kitchen garden.

Here is our list of top five favourite new kitchen gadgets of 2017 and 2018. 

1. June Intelligent Oven

The latest version of the June Intelligent Oven is even smarter. This convection oven comes with an internal camera that recognises the food, which will then determine the temperature and cooking time according to its database of recipes. Cook meats and vegetables to perfection via the app wherever you are. 

2. ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide

The Joule Sous Vide device is small, powerful and smart. Get Michelin-starred restaurant cooking results with this latest sous vide tool that lets you control everything from temperature, time and doneness with its well designed app.


3. AVA Byte

Byte is the most innovative indoor garden on the market right now. Grow your own herbs from your kitchen with this smart kitchen device that monitors the growth of your plants and gives the right amount of water and light all by itself. 

4. Mastrad Thermometer Spoon

It may not be as smart as some of the other new kitchen gadgets in the list here, but this thermometer-spoon from Mastrad will streamline your cooking and save you some time and effort in the kitchen. Combining a probe thermometer and spoon in one handy device, it lets you monitor cooking temperatures as you stir, and the detachable probe can measure temperatures from -40° to 250°C, with an accuracy to the nearest tenth of a degree. 



5. Stainproof Chef Whites

Here's one we had covered before in our round up of gear for professional chefs but there's no reason why the serious home cook can't have one too. These stain and waterproof chef whites are coated in a nanotechnology so that means stains literally slip right off the whites. Designed by innovatie workwear company Fabricor, they're the latest in cool chef gear, and the video is pretty fun to watch too. 

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