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Three New Food and Restaurant Apps Worth a Look in 2016

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Three New Food and Restaurant Apps Worth a Look in 2016
Photo Planet Slowfood

If you're someone that takes a deep interest in where your food comes from and frequently find yourself critiquing restaurants with your friends, read on.

We've come across three new food apps that'll appeal to those that are naturally inquisitive and keen to explore and share their love of good food further in 2016. Here they are in no particular order;

1) Planet Slowfood (Main Image)

Slow Food, the grass roots organisation championing local food cultures around the world, have created a useful resource for fans of the movement in a new app called 'Planet Slowfood'.

Designed to encourage users to 'discover the world through its traditions, foods and flavors' the app consists of three simple sections to guide the hungry traveller in their quest for 'slow food' including: 

Time to Eat - listing a selection of restaurants, osterias, pizzerias, bistros, tapas bars and so on.
Time for Me - listing cafés, tea rooms, pubs, cocktail bars, bookshops, museums and nature reserves.
Time for Buying - shopping locally in craft workshops, farmers’ markets or directly from producers 

If you're planning a trip soon check your chosen destination is covered as the app isn't yet global. 

Available from the App Store and Google Play.

2) Flick on Food - the first Wiki food app

If you're a fan of logging on to  Wikipedia this app billed as 'the first wiki food app' will probably appeal to you.

"In Ingredients We Trust " is the motto of Flick on Food, the cooking app created by a trio of young Italians which offers users the chance to broaden their knowledge on chosen ingredients.

If you've always had a thirst for knowledge and an interest in food this is the tool that will satisfy your quest for information. The user simply opens the app and selects a new ingredient; fennel, apple , lettuce, etc from which you can find out the origin of the ingredient, the cooking mode or how to use it in kitchen and more.

You can also upload and share photos of dishes and recipes and share them with the community.

It's a great way of re-connecting with ingredients, however simple, and informing yourself along the way. Just be careful of becoming a dinner party bore!

Available from the App Store

3) Tastd

Tired of relying on third hand unreliable restaurant reviews? Tastd is the new restaurant sharing app designed to capture trusted 'word of mouth' electronically. After all who better to take advice from on a new restaurant than a seasoned 'foodie' friend?

Tastd, allows you keep list your favourite restaurants and hook you up with your friends to follow their recommendations and vice versa. The more friends that follow your advice the more you become the restaurant 'guru' within the group.

You can download Tastd for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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