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Neolithic Knives, Designed For The Caveman In You

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Neolithic Knives, Designed For The Caveman In You
Photo Industrial Design Served

Knives used by cavemen did not resemble our modern cutting tools. In the Stone Age, sharpened stones were used for cutting. This line of NeoLithic knives were designed to channel that era and add a prehistoric touch to your kitchen.

Designed by Matthias Kaeding, a New York-based self described ''non artist,'' these NeoLithic knives are made of ceramic. The blades vary in sharpness, from extremely fine to a bit blunt, depending the intended use. A bonus? Their wide body allows extra space for scooping vegetables after chopping.

The NeoLithic knives come packaged in a sleek black box that adds to their allure. Learn all about knives and find out which ones are best for the task at hand with this fun infrograph.

Via Industrial Design Served

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