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A Look at 'More Mexican Everyday' By Rick Bayless

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A Look at 'More Mexican Everyday' By Rick Bayless

Ten years after publishing his groundbreaking Mexican Everyday, legendary Chicago chef Rick Bayless is back with a follow-up cookbook with unique recipes for spice lovers. Titled More Mexican Everyday: Simple, Seasonal and Celebratory, the cookbook is a compilation of "master-class'' recipes, exquisite vegetable dishes and never-before-seen recipes straight from the chef's kitchen.

In his new cookbook Bayless simplifies Mexican cooking and breaks down all the basics of making favorites like salsas, adobos, mojos, guacamole, mole and other sauces. He also introduces the use of rice cookers and slow cookers, allowing even the busiest of home cooks to venture into Mexican cuisine with confidence. 

The chef doesn't hold back on creativity and brings a few "exotic" Mexican ingredients to the table. Must-try recipes include classic arroz con pollo, grilled red-chile ribs, open-face red chile-chard omelet and Mexican chocolate-pumpkin seed cake.

More Mexican Everyday is available for purchase at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Below you'll find some of the mouthwatering dishes from the book:

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