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Moon Phases Explained In Cookies

By FDL on

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Moon Phases Explained In Cookies
Photo Visually

Oreos are great for dunking in milk but who knew were also an awesome tool for explaining how the moon works?

This cool infographic from Optics Central  does a great job at illustrating the moon's eight phases using Oreos at different levels of creaminess. 

Is the cream on your Oreo untouched? They you've got a full moon. Missing cream indicates a waning crescent or waxing gibbons. No cream at all? Then you've got yourself a new moon.

This is definitely one of the most creative uses we've seen for America's favorite chocolate sandwich cookie. It's right up there with the giant edible Beyoncé portrait made of Oreos and cream cheese. 

Moon Phases Explained (with Oreos)
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