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Looking for Kitchen Design Ideas? Put The Moon in Your Glasses

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Looking for Kitchen Design Ideas? Put The Moon in Your Glasses
Photo Tale Design Studio

Tale design studio, from Seoul (South Korea), has signed the 'Moon Glass' project: ceramic liquor cups for traditional rice wine, designed so that when the user pours a beverage into the glass, it displays the different lunar phases.

From the exterior the series of glasses (available in black or white, and in two different sizes) appears to have an equal depth throughout the surface area of each cup's interior: only when filled with wine, sake or tea, the cup shows the 'moon' increasing and decreasing after drinking.

The cup demonstrates the slow increase of the 'moon's volume' over the course of a drink being poured.

Difference of Bottom level make’s steps of the Moon’s changing per amount at the bowl: as the user sips their beverage, the moon steadily shrinks in size.

Black one is for the turbid rice wine ‘Maggoli’ and ‘Nigori sake’. Bright coloured wine looks clear at black. White one is for coloured alcohol and tea.

The 'Moon Glass' may be purchased in one or two piece sets mixing or matching black and white.

Via Designboom

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