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Cookbook: Modernist Cuisine At Home

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Cookbook: Modernist Cuisine At Home
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Cooking will reach a new frontier this autumn with the release of Modernist Cuisine at Home, the sequel to the revolutionary acclaimed six-volume cookbook Modernist Cuisine, which was hailed as a 'masterpiece' at the 2011 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

Modernist Cuisine at Home is an illustrated cookbook with 400 new recipes for home cooks interested in experimenting with modern techniques and taking the guesswork out of sous vide cooking, making foams and faux caviar, along with other molecular gastronomy secrets. You'll also learn techniques for grilling the perfect burger, caramelizing onions, making frothy milkshakes and using a pressure cooker.

Unlike its encyclopedic predecessor which totaled more than 2,000 pages, Modernist Cuisine at Home will contain a modest 456 pages. Co-authored by chefs Nathan Myhrvold and Maxime Bilet, it is expected to be a successful follow-up to the bible of modern cuisine. The book will released 8th of October with a cost estimated at around $115.

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