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Modernist Cooking at Home

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Modernist Cooking at Home

Fancy a stab at some modernist cooking at home? Like the idea of turning your kitchen into a gastronomy lab and cooking up your own gel noodles or turning your hand to a spot of Spherification? Now you can with the launch of these home kits from the team at Modernist Cuisine.

The creative minds behind the mammoth book Modernist Cuisine have teamed up with the online retailer Modern Pantry to sell a range of kits to allow people to create their very own molecular driven cuisine at home.

The gel kit, costing $39.99, contains all the ingredients and instructions needed to create your own mango flavored gel noodles and the spherification kit, costing $49.99, features everything needed to make your own grape caviar.

Alongside the kits the teams have created a range of interesting ingredients and tools needed to turn your home kitchen into modernist heaven.

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