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This is What The Knife of The Future May Look Like

By FDL on

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This is What The Knife of The Future May Look Like

What you see above may well be what the knife of the future will look like. Fitted with a touch screen, the idea is that the knife will relay data about food while cutting and keep foods fresher by adding negative ions to them during chopping.

The smart knife is a concept presented by the Electrolux Design Lab as what the knife of the future could potentially look like.

The knife can relay all kinds of information about the foods it touches, from nutrient contents to bacteria levels and a freshness gauge that displays info on just how fresh the food your choppig ins. It can also help to calculate the perfect angle for chopping different foods with an angle display.

It's true that consumers are becoming more conscious about what they're eating and that in the future we will see more devices that work to analyze our food. However, we're not to sure how safe it is to be watching the touch screen display on your knife while you Julienne a bag of carrots.


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