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Mobile Kitchen: The Laptop Cooker

By FDL on

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Mobile Kitchen: The Laptop Cooker

Imagine taking your kitchen with you wherever you went, the ability to be able to stop and cook anywhere. Imagine what picnics might entail - the food you might prepare outside you could lay your mobile kitchen on the grass, pick a recipe from the inbuilt display and warm your food.

As crazy as this might sound it may not be so unrealistic. The electronics company Electrolux have released some new designs for a concept that will allow just this.

The mobile kitchen concept is similar in design to a laptop and provides a cooking element, a cutting board and a touchscreen computer to store recipes and nutritional facts. It even comes with a built in grater giving users everything they need to prepare an entire meal.

We're not entirely sure about the combination of a cooker and a laptop and worry about how functional something like this might be in the kitchen. However if this is the way food and technology are converging, we're surely in for some great looking kitchen technology hitting our stores very soon.

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