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MixStik: The New Guiding Light in Cocktail Making

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MixStik: The New Guiding Light in Cocktail Making

Technology and mixology combine in the new smart device controlled ‘MixStik’.

What is it?

Essentially a swizzle stick with lights, the Mixstik serves as a measuring guide assisting the amateur barman to create drinkable cocktails.

How does it work?

Once MixStik is connected to a smart phone via Bluetooth, the user picks a recipe on the app and places the stick into the selected glass or shaker.

Each MixStik comes with 24 multicoloured LEDs. Once the user has selected a recipe using the app, the MixStik lights up.

Each section of colour relates to an ingredient and this is indicated by the app. The size of each coloured section is determined by the required measure of the relevant ingredient in the recipe. The relevant ingredient is poured in one at a time up to the designated lit up section of the stick.

See the MixStik mixer in action:

We know what you’re thinking – how does it know what glass I’m using?

And yes, they've already thought of this. Apparantly it's just a case of callibrating the stick depending on the shaker or glass selected to enusure you get the most precise volumes.

Useful Functions

  • You can make a round of five drinks at a time from one smartphone.
  • If the drinks cupboard is looking befeft the app can also suggest a cocktail simply based on ingredients that you have available.
  • There is also the chance to personalise recipes, devise new ones, and share them with your buddies. 

Other entertaining uses:

Apart from pretending to be a mini Jedi knight, the stick can also be used for a multitude of other fun, we are told on the website, from drums to drinking games.


A MixStik will eventually cost $39 - but it's not on sale yet so you're in for a bit of a wait. Although, if you pledge your cash to the Kickstarter campaign due to be launched on 29th September, you will receive one early.

If the campaign is successful, MixStik says it'll take about six month to produce the device.

Have you seen the Bartesian, which works rather like a capsule coffee maker but for cocktails?


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