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$65 Design Wants to Compete with High End Chef Knives

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$65 Design Wants to Compete with High End Chef Knives

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am going to call it: This is the holy grail of inexpensive chef's knives. Incredible quality and design, high-end materials, perfect balance, and a razor-sharp edge."

"That's right, $65 for a knife that can go head to head with my $180 Misono UX-10 or my $120 Wüsthof and come out the other end barely breaking a sweat.” Says the Managing Culinary Director over at Serious Eats of the new Misen Chef Knife, Cook Sharp.

And he might well be onto something. The team of cooks, designers and operators over at Misen have spent the last 18 months perfecting the perfect chef knife at half the retail price of most other chef knives on the market.  

The team's proclaimed love of great food and well-made objects has led them to what they have billed as an “amazing knife at an honest price” which they believe is set to ‘redefine’ kitchenware essentials.

This is what the Misen Chef knife looks like:

The hybrid knife combines features from both Japanese and Western knives including the classic Western knife rocking motion with the Japanese cut and slice action. The knife sounds easy to handle with its ergonomic specification and the blade should do a good job with a sharper cutting face made from Japanese AUS-8 stainless steel and set at a 15 degree.

Whilst the design concept is not revolutionary the promised target retail price is. By streamlining the supply chain and carefully selecting a manufacturer they have also managed to streamline costs.  The graph from Misen below shows the wallet-saving credentials of the new knife.

Misen have used Kickstarter to fund this new project and have already exceeded their $25,000 target. With this in the bag they should be on schedule for manufacture at the selected factory a few hours outside of Guangzhou in China in December, with delivery due in March 2016.

Purchasers will be pleased to know their knife will also come with the promise of free lifetime sharpening. 

Take a look at this video to see some cutting edge action:



If you are keen to check out the competition we have the lowdown on knives from different models to how to look after them.

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Via Kickstarter, Serious Eats

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