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Fake Food: the Most Amazing Miniatures of Fake Food

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Fake Food: the Most Amazing Miniatures of Fake Food
Photo courtesy Shay Aaron

You won't believe your eyes: artist Shay Aaron, from Israel, makes the most amazing miniature food jewelry you can imagine.

Every creation - so small that they would fit on the tip of your finger - is at the same time so rich in details that you would have on your table: of course nothing of Aaron's art is edible, but just a perfect miniature reproduction made from Fimo of vegetables, eggs, cakes and any other mouthwatering dish you could desire.

Miniature fake food: Enjoy Shay Aaron's mini art

Here is a whole table, as small as a match...

How is it possible? Have a look at his working steps.

Craving for some mini food? Shay Aaron has also an amazing jewelry shop on Etsy, where you can choose among wearable pastry earrings, sushi necklaces or fruity Bobby pins.

Via: The Wondrous

Video: How To Make Miniature Fake Food

If you are curious about trying to whip up your own miniature fake food at home, this video shows you how to make an entire set of movie night snacks.

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