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Meet The Man Who Makes Chili-Infused Honey

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Meet The Man Who Makes Chili-Infused Honey
Photo Mike's Hot Honey

If you are hooked on Sriracha, odds are you'll find Mike's Hot Honey completely irresistible. This chili-infused honey-based condiment is great on practically anything - from pizza and eggs to cheese, fruit and even dessert.

"I wanted to create something that would satisfy people who are really into spicy foods. When I created the recipe I sort of inched up with my hot pepper quantity until I got to the point where it was just below the pain threshold," creator Michael Kurtz explains in the video below.

Kutz was inspired to make his chili-infused honey after a trip to Brazil where he saw locals pour a similar sauce on pizza. Not content with the hot sauces available back home in the United States, he began experimenting with recipes in hopes of replicating the exotic flavors from his travels. 

The result is a sweet and spicy thick sauce that dances on your tongue. Each 12 oz.-bottle of Mike's Hot Honey retails for $10.00 and is available for purchase here. Watch how it's made:

Via Reserve Channel/Youtube

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