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Midwinter Soup Frenzy: How to Join the Movement

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Midwinter Soup Frenzy: How to Join the Movement

How to join Midwinter Soup Frenzy? Here it is a step-by-step recipe and the video...

1) Gather 10 to 20 friends. Call this number N.

2) Purchase N/1.5 bottles of wine, red and white.

3) Purchase N/2 fresh crusty loaves of bread, preferably from Fervere bakery, the greatest bread bakery in the Northern Hemisphere.

4) Cook N/5 gallons of two types of soup, creamy lentil and black bean. (You can always freeze leftovers).

Once these items are prepared, gather the group together on the coldest night of the year. In 2012, this will be January 28th.

Feed the group the soup, bread (with butter or olive oil) and drink all of the wine. Toasts and invocations are encouraged.

Congratulations! You are part of the Midwinter Soup Frenzy Movement!


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