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The Microwave Pasta Cooker

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The Microwave Pasta Cooker

There are a few tasks when a microwave is recommended for cooking over other devices, for example, they can be great for cooking vegetables while retaining their crunch.

One of the latest inventions to call for the use of the microwave is the quick pasta maker that promises to give your perfectly cooked pasta in half the time it usually takes.

Bringing your pan to the boil can take a while and it’s in this time that microwave pasta cookers hope to save you time. Users are asked to simply place their pasta inside the plastic container, add to the microwave and cook - water is then simply strained through the lid at the top and the pasta popped on the plate.

The team at America’s Test Kitchen have given a number of the devices the once over and said that their initial scepticism was put aside when they discovered the machines reduce cooking time by half and that none of the people in their taste test could tell the difference between pasta cooked in a pan of boiling water and pasta cooked in the microwave.

The Fasta Pasta cooker was the model picked by America’s Test Kitchen as the best of the ones they tested. It can be purchased online for $12.95.

Here's a look at microwaves and whether or not they have an effect on the nutrients inside our food. 

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