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6 Microwave Cooking Accessories

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6 Microwave Cooking Accessories

In the past we have debunked myths about microwave cooking and seen just how creative microwave cooking can get with ChefSteps. Now it looks like it's the turn of the funky kitchen equipment designers, Joseph Joseph, to jump on the microwave bandwagon with the launch of some purpose made microwave products. 

Joseph Joseph have designed 6 sturdy and ergonomical containers along with Youmeus Design. There's an all-in-one stacking system at $42, a pasta cooker $18, rice and grain cooker $30, egg poacher $12, omelette bowl $12, cool touch bowl and dish $12. 

There’s a surprisingly long list of foods you can cook in a microwave the brothers explain to Dezeen. "The range is designed for cooking a wider range of everyday foods that you might not expect to cook in the microwave...But using the microwave's timing and exact temperature controls means you get excellent results." Poached eggs, omelette, pasta, steamed vegetables, and even bacon become attractive microwaveable options. 

Head to Josephjoseph website for purchase info. See below to watch some of the cooking kit in action.

How do you like your eggs in the morning? I like them served with a ping.. ..

Enter the Microwave Egg Poacher, said to combine the "authentic taste and texture" of poached eggs without the traditional "mess and mixed results" of using a pan. See the results for yourself in the video below, the eggs container even comes with its own inbuilt colander.

The multi-faceted equipment looks like it makes light work of cooking in one:

Buon apetito, dinner is served from an all in one four piece stacking system. The kit comprises of a main cooking pot for rice, pasta or potatoes; a steamer basket for vegetables or fish; a griddle for bacon or asparagus; and a reversible lid that doubles up as a microwave plate.

via Dezeen

Have a look at this ChefSteps video for nifty microwave tricks with vegetables:

Check out some more microwave tricks to change how you feel about microwaves.

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