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Michel Bras Chef Knives

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Michel Bras Chef Knives

Did you know that Michel Bras has a whole line of cookware designed alongside the world renowned designers, Kai?

That’s right, the French master has offered up his experience and expertise in producing a varied range of kitchen items, from chef knives to cutlery, kitchen tools to accessories.

Chefs are involved in a number of different collaborations these days, from large hotel restaurant chains to advertisements, sponsorships and a whole host of products. These type of partnerships lead to some exciting creations and one of them is this project from Bras.

Focusing in on the knives there are 10 different designs, covering everything from small paring knives to everyday chef knives and large butchers style knife.

As with everything Mr Bras does, there’s been a clear focus on the details in creating the knives, something you can see on display in the video below. The hand assembled knives, which are made in Japan, clock in at around $3,000 for the full set of 10.

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