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Cookies Recipes: Michel et Augustin's Cookbook

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Cookies Recipes: Michel et Augustin's Cookbook

You don’t have to write to Michel et Augustin to ask for the recipes of their products (though you may if you want): you can turn to their book of recipes instead, which you can order through their website and through the French retailer Fnac, or find in some of the larger bookstores.

In keeping with their tradition of natural ingredients and cupboard cooking, Michel and Augustin will guide you through the preparation of «32 very, VERY good simple dishes», both sweet and savoury. And if you happen to be in Paris, the two “troublemakers of taste” will be happy to sign the book for you.

Each and every one of the recipes, of course, is 100% original. «If you find one of our recipes in another book within 30 kilometres», claims the pair, «you’ll win your weight and that of your neighbour in drinkable cows (the M&A yogurt)».

Click here for a dizzying one-minute ride on Le livre de nos chouettes recettes gourmandes et (encore) secrètes.

To purchase the book on Amazon, click here.

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