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Personal Robotic Sous Vide Chef

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Personal Robotic Sous Vide Chef

We’ve already spoke about the rise of domestic Sous Vide appliances invading home kitchens around the world and the latest gadget to enter the market is the $400 Mellow machine that’s being pitched as a personal ‘kitchen robot’.

Sous Vide works by cooking foods in water that’s kept at a precise temperature. The technique allows chefs to cooks ingredients such as meat or eggs at much lower temperatures than conventional cooking systems, completely altering the way things such as fats break down in meat, or the way the different proteins thicken within eggs.

Mellow is different than the usual Sous Vide machine for a number of factors, the major one being that it can actually works to refrigerate foods as well as cooking them. The second one is that the device can be operated through a simple to use smart phone application that allows users to begin and monitor their cooking away from the kitchen.

These two features allow a person to leave ingredients in the machine in the morning, kept fresh through the day with the refrigerator option, then begin the cooking process from work and arrive home to freshly cooked food.

The machine will also learn about your personal tastes as you use it by asking how each dish tastes once complete and remembering what you like.

The machine had been created by two designers from Portugal who are looking to raise funds to launch the device through pre orders. They say they’re avoiding the Kickstarter route as they say they want you to “retain all your rights as a consumer.”


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