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Tasty Looking Furniture

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Tasty Looking Furniture

The giant sweets you see were created by the Matthias Borowski from the Design Academy in Eindhoven.

Comparing chefs to designers Borowski created a range of layers, textures and materials to emulate certain aspects of sweets. From sugar and foam to nougat and cake.

The results of the project, which is titled The Importance of the Obvious, are impressive with a range of furniture created that stimulate the senses. Borowski also created a ten point analysis about what he discovered during his research.

Take a look, they could certainly be applied to the kitchen, minus point five.

1. Every material stimulates the sense.
2. The material must be identifiable in the object with its sensory components.
3. There is always a better material.
4. All materials can be combined with each other.
5. Natural or artificial – we don’t care.
6. Ask the material what it wants to be.
7. There is no right and wrong – just do it!
8. Every production process transforms the character of material.
9. The starting point for an object is the material – not the other way around!
10. The cost of the material does not reflect the value of the material. 


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